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Mar 9, 2020 | app, Trigger Point Therapy

Instructions and features

Please read this blog carefully as it contains important safety information.

Congratulations on taking the first step to treat your muscle and joint pain naturally with Painalog!

Painalog is based on the modern-day pain resolution framework used by physiotherapists and massage therapists across the world called  — Trigger Points.

Trigger points are knots formed in strained or malfunctioning muscles, which then pull at distant joints through interlinked chain of muscles causing referred pain.The challenge is in finding which of the hundreds of possible trigger points is your culprit.

With Painalog you can detect the location of the Trigger points causing your pain in minutes and then follow the recommended video exercises to fix each of the rogue muscles.

Before you start your journey we would like to share some very important information on how to use the app and its commercial and safety limitations:

Painalog –– Pricing

  • The app is free to use once every seven days (thank you! thank you!) which we think is enough for anyone working on themselves. Also this may change in the future.
  • If you are a heavy user or planning to use this product on family, friends or your clients then we request you to please support our work for a pain free world with a reasonably priced monthly subscription.
  • Just go to the account section on the app and click on “UPGRADE” or you will be prompted to upgrade when you do your second scan.

Important medical instructions to use Painalog

How to Use Painalog and sharing results and videos

  • After going through the ‘Explainer’ video & ‘Safety Instructions’ proceed to Once the analysis is completed self-applied massage videos will be provided for the specific trigger point.
  • You can ‘Save’ each pain report and the solutions and ‘Share’ or email it to yourself and friends so you can watch the videos on another device.These features are available on the App itself once the Scan is completed.
  • If you require help or have a question for us, please reach out to us HERE.

Download Painalog App Today

Painalog is available on both iOS and Android 

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