Outer Ankle Pain – Causes and Solutions

Aug 3, 2018 | Ankle Pain, Trigger Point Therapy

Outer Ankle Pain Causes and Solution

Reasons for getting Peroneal tendonitis or lateral ankle pain

Outer or lateral ankle pain is often misdiagnosed as Peroneal tendonitis an inflammation of the peroneal tendons which run behind the lateral malleolus or the bony bit on the outside of the ankle causing and swelling on the outer ankle.

Who gets outer ankle pain?

Typically affecting people who walk with the toes pointing outward and the ankle collapsing inward(pronation) often accompanied with flat feet. Typically happening with dancers who like to rotate their hip outward, people who stand on their feet a lot or some time due to being overweight.

Painalog’s 3D analytics helps identify the 5 muscles as trigger points that could cause this pain and shows the video on how to locate them. It also shows us how to do self-massage and how to stretch them.  If you are experiencing this kind of body pain you can see the solutions below:

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