Trigger point pain from Zygomaticus Trigger Point #One and how to find relief

STEP 1: How to Locate the Zygomaticus Trigger Point #One

The Zygomaticus muscle is a muscle of facial expression and draws the angle of the mouth upwards and backwards, allowing one to smile. The Zygomaticus extends from each zygomatic arch (cheekbone) to the corners of the mouth. The trigger point for the Zygomaticus occurs in line with the nostrils, about two fingers away from them and over the cheek.

STEP 2: How to Self-Release the Zygomaticus Trigger Point # One

To successfully self-release the Zygomaticus muscle, first locate the muscle’s trigger point (TrP) – about two finger widths away from the nostril – as shown in the previous video. Use your fingers or the pads of your thumb to apply pressure on the area. You may use the wall for support should you require extra balance. Hold for 30 seconds, and release.

STEP 3: How to Stretch the ZygomaticusTrigger Point # One

To stretch the Zygomaticus muscle, we must first revise the location. As we learned in the previous video, it runs from the cheekbone into the angles of the mouth. Using your fingers, gently pull along the course of the muscle from its origin to its attachment near the mouth. Do it slowly and repeat several times. Remember to do the other side as well.


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