Trigger point pain from Subclavius Trigger Point #One and how to find relief

STEP 1: How to Locate the Subclavius Trigger Point #One

The Subclavius is a muscle, as the name suggests, present below the clavicle or collarbone and helps in the depression of the shoulder. Place your hand over the midline at the base of your neck, and run the hand to one side. You should be able to feel the collarbone. If you aren’t able to perform these movements comfortably, lift the shoulder up and run your hand along it until you reach the collarbone. The Subclavius is present right below this bone. It’s trigger points are about two to three finger widths away from the midline, or approximately at a point between the outer 2/3 and inner 1/3 of the collarbone.

STEP 2: How to Self-Release the Subclavius Trigger Point # One

To self-release the Subclavius muscle you will need a ball and a wall. Place the ball over the trigger point as shown in the previous video, just under your collar bone. Lean forward with the ball over your TrP such that it is between you and the wall. You may tilt your torso to the “ball side” to increase the pressure. Hold for about 30 seconds and release.

STEP 3: How to Stretch the SubclaviusTrigger Point # One

Please contact a therapist using the “Find Therapist” button. We do not recommend working on this muscle unless under the guidance of a qualified professional.


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