Trigger point pain from Digastric Trigger Point #One and how to find relief

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STEP 1: How to Locate the Digastric Trigger Point #One

The Digastric Muscle is a muscle present below the lower jaw and has two muscular bellies: the anterior and the posterior. Each belly has its own trigger point. The posterior belly of the Digastric muscle arises from a bony region called the mastoid. Feel for a bony protrusion just behind your earlobe, and you’ve found the mastoid. This is then inserted into a bone present near the front of the neck called the Hyoid Bone. The trigger point for the posterior muscular belly is present just behind the angle of the jaw. The pain pattern of this trigger point usually radiates to the back of the head.

STEP 2: How to Self-Release the Digastric Trigger Point # One

To self-release the Digastric, you will need only your hand. Locate the posterior trigger point, present just behind the angle of the jaw, as shown in the earlier video. Next, place your thumb over the trigger point, using your fingers to support the back of your head. Apply gentle pressure over the area while resting your elbow over it. Hold for about 15 seconds and release. There are a lot of important vessels and nerves in this area so please do not apply too much pressure. If you are unsure about the muscle’s location or if you have any doubts, press the “Find Therapist” button to consult a qualified professional.

STEP 3: How to Stretch the DigastricTrigger Point # One

Please contact a therapist using the “Find Therapist” button. We do not recommend working on this muscle unless under the guidance of a qualified professional.


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