Top of Thumb Pain – Causes and Solutions

Top of Thumb Pain Causes and Solution

Pain on the tips of the thumbs is common issue especially for massage therapist and people who frequently misuse their thumbs. If the thumbs are not used correctly it will cause Trigger point to occur on muscles that operate the thumb. However Thumb pain can also arise from distant muscles like the Scalene or the SubClavius. This can happen due to poor posture with forward head carriage like when you use the smart phone a lot.

There is urban legend that goes that thumb starts from smart phone use because you use your thumb to swipe the screen. However the actual reason is more likely due to poor neck posture referring pain all the way down the arm to thumb.

Painalog’s 3D analytics helps identify the 3 muscles as trigger points that could cause this pain and shows the video on how to locate them. It also shows us how to do self-massage and how to stretch them.

Three common muscles that cause top of thumb pain.

If you are experiencing this kind of body pain you can see the solutions below:

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