Outer Elbow Pain – Causes and Solutions

Suffering from Tennis Elbow? Learn how you can treat it!

Outer Elbow Pain Causes and Solution

The most common term for pain on the outside of the elbow is Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis). Often misdiagnosed as inflammation or degeneration of the tendons of the wrist extensor muscles as they insert into the elbow.

What causes Tennis elbow

However, the real reason often for a Tennis elbow is the overuse of the arm muscles toward the radial side of the forearm or those in the upper arm and even further up towards the neck. Massage along the entire chain of muscles and light stretching can help relieve this condition.

How you can treat outer elbow pain with Painalog

Painalog’s 3D analytics helps identify the 6 muscles as trigger points that could cause this pain and shows the video on how to locate them. It also shows us how to do self-massage and how to stretch them. If you are experiencing this kind of body pain you can see the solutions below:

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