Pain Consultation

Start your journey to find a pain free life with our online consultation service.

Your pain is unique and how it affects you and influences your life choices is so personal. That is why we made Painalog so you can easily find solutions that are specific to you.

But some times you need personal attention from an expert who can help guide you through your exercises and even help you decode the patterns that keep you in pain.

Thankfully with our online consultation service fighting chronic pain has become a lot easier.

During our 90 minute online consultation you will be working with Cyriac the producer of Painalog. Besides being a massage practitioner and accredited instructor, Cyriac has extensive knowledge of anatomy and trigger point related pain to help guide you though your exercises and help you keep pain away over a longer term.

Each session costs $30 with an advance deposit of $5 to be made at the time of confirming your booking.

Please click on the button below to check for availability and make a booking. Also please review the requirements for a successful session before making your booking.

Get your personal pain consultant

What you will need during this session


Space and Time

  • A carpeted room would be better with enough space that you can lie down in front of your computer camera.
  • 90 minutes of undisturbed time.

Tech Specs