Trigger point pain from Popliteus Trigger Point #One and how to find relief

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STEP 1: How to Locate the Popliteus Trigger Point #One

The Popliteus is a muscle present at the back of the knee arising from the outer end of the femur, i.e. the bone present in your thigh. It runs diagonally and attaches to the top part of the tibia, also called the shin bone. This muscle helps in providing stability to the knee joint while walking and standing. To locate the muscle, sit down with your legs straight out and slightly bend your knee, placing your hand behind the knee. Now move your foot inwards and outwards, and you will feel a muscle contracting and relaxing beneath your hand; that is the Popliteus muscle.

STEP 2: How to Self-Release the Popliteus Trigger Point # One

To massage the Popliteus, you will need a ball. Sit down on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you. Place the ball about two fingers below the back of your knee, putting your hands back behind you for support. Push down slightly on the ball. You may also consider placing your opposing leg over the affected leg for more pressure. Hold for about 30 seconds and release.

STEP 3: How to Stretch the PopliteusTrigger Point # One

To stretch the Popliteus, you will need a band, like an exercise band or a belt or towel. Even a considerably long piece of cloth will do. Sit down on the floor with your legs straight in front of you. Place the band around your foot and slowly pull the foot towards you as much as you can. Hold for about 30 seconds to a minute and release, remembering to do the other leg as well.


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